Latest Cross Tools C Patch

This patch will update Cross Tools C Version 3.70 (or newer) to Version 3.80

The Cross Tools C patch requires a registered version 3.70 or newer. To find out the current version simply type C11 without any command line options from a DOS prompt.
Please contact Fabius Software Systems for an update from older versions.

Please follow the following steps to download and install the patch version:

  1. Backup your existing Cross Tools C installation (better safe than sorry).
  2. Download (604 KB).
  3. Unzip all files from to a temporary directory (e.g. C:\TEMP).
  4. Under Windows, run INSTALL.EXE from your temporary directory and follow the instructions.
  5. After installation don't forget to remove your temporary files (e.g. C:\TEMP).

Click here to download

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