Cross Tools C

Cross Tools C development environment consists of an ANSI-C compiler, assembler, linker / locator and library for the Motorola 68HC11. This environment was developed for the embedded programmer to support ROMable code generation. Cross Tools C optimizing compiler produces exceptionally compact and fast executing code for ROMable applications.

Cross Tools C Development Systems Includes :

Compiler Features

  • True optimizing compiler including :
    • Common sub-expression elimination
    • Logical short circuiting
    • Warning and removal of dead code
    • Constant folding
    • Register tracking
    • Loop invariance
    • Peephole optimization eliminating adjacent redundant operations and merges similar operations
  • Full implementation of ANSI-C
  • Support of 8-bit (direct), 16-bit (extended) and 24/32-bit (banked) addressing modes
  • Inline assembly code - even outside a function definition
  • Translates C source code into assembly language
  • Re-entrant code
  • String sharing
  • Auto prototype option which automatically creates ANSI-C style functions prototypes

Linker Features

  • Flexible positions of code, data & strings
  • Resolves references to the runtime library
  • Symbolic file information (debugger)
  • Multiple output formats including Motorola S-Record and Intel-Hex

Assembler Features

  • Relocating macro assembler
  • Full target instruction set
  • All target addressing modes
  • Arbitrarily complex relocation expressions
  • Macros
  • Conditional assembly
  • Span dependent optimization
  • Automatic branching

Listing Options

  • Output sections summary
  • Absolute source file listings
  • Symbolic cross reference tables
  • User defined messages
  • Intermixing C and assembly code in listing
  • Target memory maps
  • Error summary
  • File usage listing
  • External symbol listings

Library Features

  • Full ANSI-C functions library
  • Full IEEE floating point support
  • Transcendental and mathematical functions
  • Formatted I/O support
  • Embedded systems support including special optimized routines and extensions to C

Supported Platforms & Requirements:

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